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SH-8700RR | SH-3510

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Transducer : SH-8700RR

The transducer generates powerful and stable vibrations even for cutting that requires high power,and the profile is designed to endure long-term use.


Frequency 30kHz
Cord length Up to 10 m
Housing material SUS303
Weight 1100g
Blade thickness 1.0mm

Applicable Materials


plate, sheet, film, and laminated material

Carbon prepregs

carbon fibers(CFRP)

Composite materials

polyethylene fiber, molded articles containing carbon or glass fibers(GFRP)

Rubber 20t

vulcanized latex, non-vulcanized latex, sheeting material, and tube

Standard Tools

  • FB-0231-6L


  • FB-0131-6L



  •  Torque driver

    Torque driver[9N/m]

  • bit


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Period of acceptance weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.(Japan time)


Upgraded: Connection with PLC is now available

Factory improvement through DX/loT requires connection with various controllers and connection with PLC is now available besides the conventional relay control by ON/OFF switching. Standard installation of analog signal output for the load/amplitude and additional digital signals for each oscillation frequency/error type allow outputting more detailed data now.


Frequency adjustment Automatic tracking type
Maximum output 500W
Output adjustment Step-less continuously variable type
Power requirement Single phase
200 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 1000VA
Outer dimension (mm) 300W × 400D × 200H
Weight 11kg
Function Detection of error cause
External device connection function Input Oscillator ON/OFF, Amplitude adjustment. Error recovery
Output DC analog output. Frequency pulse output.
Load threshold warning, Power supply status monitor,Error detection