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Circuit board repair


This model can be used in combination with Engraving


  • Oscillation mode can be selected from 4 modes:Single(  ), intermittent ( – – – or - - - - ) or continuous(—— )
  • Oscillation time of intermittent mode can be adjusted
  • Wide range of line-up : rough scraping by combined tool and micropolishing by clamp tool can be performed
  • Cooling-air equipment is adapted to the handpiece. Continuousoperation is possible by suppressing the heat
  • Engraving as well as circuit board repair, archaeology work arepossible (next page)

Specifications: ST-360

Frequency 20–24kHz Automatic feedback
Maximum output 45W
Amplitude adjustment Continuous variable control
Power supply

Single phase

100 VAC or 200 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption 150VA
Outer dimensions(mm) 130W×250D×260H
Weight 2.6Kg

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TEL +81-44-877-8311

Period of acceptance weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.(Japan time)

Small-sized transducer:HP-9706

Small type of tool can lessen a burden of operators.Well-fitted shape of transducer to hand.24-hour continuous operation is possible by supplying cooling air.

Specifications: HP-9706

Tool screw diameter M6
Cord 1.7m Curly cord
Outer dimensions φ28 × 118L (mm)
Weight 150g
Note Air cooling system

Standard Accessories Tools

  • Standard Accessories Tools:HP-9706

Standard Accessories

  • フットスイッチ

    Foot switch