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Sponge refers to an animal named Sponge that lives in the ocean, in Japan, we generally say is formed or solidified resin. Our cutter is good at cutting urethane form, foamed polyethylene foam, chip urethane and rubber sponge.

Common uses of sponge

  • For filtering use
  • Cutting a fixed form

Examples of cut by ultrasonic cutter

Sponge cutting.

This is a video of cutting a sponge with an ultrasonic cutter.


Products for Sponge



Upgraded: Connection with PLC is now available

Factory improvement through DX/loT requires connection with various controllers and connection with PLC is now available besides the conventional relay control by ON/OFF switching. Standard installation of analog signal output for the load/amplitude and additional digital signals for each oscillation frequency/error type allow outputting more detailed data now.

  • Machine / robot-mounted type
  • Manual-type hand piece
Combination transducersFrequencyApplicable materials
機械搭載型 SF-8500RR SF-8500RR 22kHz 熱可塑性プラスチックプリプレグ素材 複合素材ゴム10t
機械搭載型 SF-8541RR SF-8541RR 40kHz 発泡材紙・加工紙複合素材



Our unique power circuit and the use of cooling air have enabled the CE-compliant, versatile manual-type ultrasonic cutter continuous long-hour use

This is a high-frequency cutter featuring the 40 kHz (40,000 vibrations

per second) vibration frequency of tool with the amplitude of 30 microns.

It maximizes the effect of ultrasonic high-speed micro vibrations. A wide

range of materials, including newly developed composite materials,

rubber and leather, can be cut at will with low processing pressure, sharp

cutting surface and little cutting chips. The power control circuit specially

developed by us and the cooling air inlet suppress the heat generation of

transducer even for large amplitude, thus enabling extended continuous

use. (For a long-time operation without air cooling, contact us.)

  • Machine / robot-mounted type
Combination transducersFrequencyApplicable materials
Machine / robot-mounted type HP-653   40kHz 熱ThermoplasticsPaperRubber 10t

Process Examples