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SF-8541RR | SF-3441

Transducer : SF-8541RR

The transducer features compact size, but powerful performance thanks to the high frequency drive, thereby ensuring sharp cutting. The user-friendly design of shape enables to fully utilize the robot’s operation area. A forced air-cooling system and extended continuous use have been realized by featuring the air inlet.


Frequency 40kHz
Cord length Up to 10 m
Housing material SUS303
Weight 650g
Blade thickness 0.6mm

Applicable Materials

Foamed materials

sponge and buffer material


specially-treated paper, coated paper, etc

Composite materials


Composite materials

Film, Sealing material

Standard Tools

  • 3136-5H



  • driver1

    Torque driver[3.5N/m]

  • ビット


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Period of acceptance weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.(Japan time)


Upgraded: Connection with PLC is now available

Factory improvement through DX/loT requires connection with various controllers and connection with PLC is now available besides the conventional relay control by ON/OFF switching. Standard installation of analog signal output for the load/amplitude and additional digital signals for each oscillation frequency/error type allow outputting more detailed data now.


Frequency adjustment Automatic tracking type
Maximum output 300W
Output adjustment Step-less continuously variable type
Power requirement Single phase
200 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 500VA
Outer dimension (mm) 232W × 340D × 175H
Weight 7kg
External device connection function Input Oscillator ON/OFF, Amplitude adjustment. Error recovery

DC analog output. Frequency pulse output.

Load threshold warning, Power supply status monitor,Error detection


Transducer combined with SF-3441

  • Machine / robot-mounted type
  • Manual-type hand piece
Combination transducersFrequencyApplicable materials
Machine / robot-mounted type SF-3110 SF-3110 20kHz ThermoplasticsPrepregRubber 15t
Machine / robot-mounted type SF-8500RR SF-8500RR 22kHz Thermoplastics Composite materialsRubber 15t
Machine / robot-mounted type SF-8541RR SF-8541RR 40kHz Foamed materialsPaperComposite materials