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Carbon prepregs (CFRP / CFRTP)


CFRP stands for Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics. It is a composite material made of carbon fiber that has been impregnated with a thermosetting resin and formed by curing. Ten times as strong as steel but only one-fourth as heavy, it combines the advantages of metal, such as strength and stiffness, with the ability to make lightweight products. Carbon fiber reinforced plastic is used in a wide variety of industries, including aerospace and automobiles. Machine tools are often used for cutting of carbon prepreg, CFRP (CFRTP) but our ultrasonic cutter can cut the material well.

Common uses of Carbon

  • Aerospace(Fuselage)
  • Automobile(Instrument panel, Bumper, Air back, Weather strip, Ceiling material)
  • Bicycle(flame)
  • Robot(Arm)
  • Sports(Fishing rod, Racket, Golf shaft)
  • Energy(Hydrogen tank, Windmill)

Examples of cut by ultrasonic cutter

Carbon fiber cutting.

Carbon fibers are fibers composed of carbon.
Blade can cut carbon fiber into each one without being caught by the fiber.


Carbon prepregs cutting.

Carbon prepreg is carbon fiber that has been impregnated with resin. It is used as an intermediate material for a wide variety of applications, including aircraft, automobiles and infrastructure.


Un-cured carbon prepreg 12.41mm can easily be cut in vertical and diagonal directions.

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermo-Plastics cutting.

CFRTP(Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermo-Plastics)is also called thermoplastic CFRP, is a composite cured-formed using thermoplastic resin instead of thermosetting resin as the impregnating material.

Video of 2mm CFRTP being cut and cross-section.


Products for Carbon



High-power Ultrasonic Cutter featuring Maximum Output of 500 W

The oscillator with a maximum power output of 500 W enabled powerful cutting of difficult-to-cut and extra-tough work pieces. Abrasion resistant carbide blade with 1 mm thickness can be used. Exchanging signals for on/off, emergency stop, change of output level, and other features with automated machinery or industrial robots is, of course, possible.

  • Machine / robot-mounted type
  • Manual-type hand piece
combination transducersFrequencyapplicable materials
機械搭載型 HP-8701 HP-8701 24kHz ThermoplasticsCarbon prepregPrepregRubber 20t
Machine / robot-mounted type SF-8500RR SF-8500RR 22kHz Thermoplastics Composite materialsRubber 15t




Standard Model for Use with Automated Machinery

This ultrasonic oscillator is capable of exchanging signals with the main units of automated machinery, industrial robots, plotters, etc., for operations, such as turning on/off, emergency stop and switching the output level.

  • Machine / robot-mounted type
  • Manual-type hand piece
Combination transducersFrequencyApplicable materials
機械搭載型 SF-8500RR SF-8500RR 22kHz 熱可塑性プラスチックプリプレグ素材 複合素材ゴム10t



CE-compliant, versatile manual-type ultrasonic cutter

This is a manual type ultrasonic cutter, which daringly pursued nice Features

user-friendliness. It is provided with a portable handle and storage

rack for use at various jobsites. It is best fitted for a wide range of

applications including carbon prepregs, resins, rubber, and fabrics. For

safety measures, the activation of ultrasonic vibration is reported with

illumination and sound. The product complies with the CE Standard.

  • Manual-type hand piece
Combination transducersFrequencyApplicable materials
Manual-type hand piece HP-2200   22kHz Carbon prepregThermoplasticsCloth FabricRubber 10t

Process Examples