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Cardboard we say are paperboard made of wave-shaped core paper reinforced with thick papers from one side or both sides. Cardboard are classified into following 4 types.

1. Cardboard 2. Double-sided cardboard (Single) 3. Double-sided cardboard (Double) 4. Double-sided cardboard (Triple). When cutting cardboard into pieces with ultrasonic cutters, it can finish it beautifully without having the cut end crushed or warped. Our product is often used for automatic unpacking by the robot system or cutting a fixed form.

Common uses of cardboard

  • Unpacking by the FA system
  • Cutting a fixed form

Examples of cut by ultrasonic cutter

Cardboard cutting.

This is a video of cutting cardboard with an ultrasonic cutter.


Products for Cardboard



High-power Ultrasonic Cutter featuring Maximum Output of 500 W

The oscillator with a maximum power output of 500 W enabled powerful cutting of difficult-to-cut and extra-tough work pieces. Abrasion resistant carbide blade with 1 mm thickness can be used. Exchanging signals for on/off, emergency stop, change of output level, and other features with automated machinery or industrial robots is, of course, possible.

  • Machine / robot-mounted type
  • Manual-type hand piece
combination transducersFrequencyapplicable materials
Machine / robot-mounted type SF-8500RR SF-8500RR 22kHz Thermoplastics Composite materialsRubber 15t




Standard Model for Use with Automated Machinery

This ultrasonic oscillator is capable of exchanging signals with the main units of automated machinery, industrial robots, plotters, etc., for operations, such as turning on/off, emergency stop and switching the output level.

  • Machine / robot-mounted type
  • Manual-type hand piece
Combination transducersFrequencyApplicable materials
機械搭載型 SF-8500RR SF-8500RR 22kHz 熱可塑性プラスチックプリプレグ素材 複合素材ゴム10t

SF-3400 II


SF-3400 II

High-output cutter for manual operation: Assisting manual operations with clear cutting

This is a high-power ultrasonic cutter featuring the ultrasonic power

output of 220 W. The tool’s ultrasonic vibrations at a frequency of 22 kHz

(22,000 vibrations per second) drastically reduce the cutting resistance.

Varieties of materials can be cut even more rapidly and cleanly with a

lower processing pressure. A function to enable constant monitoring of

loads during cutting was added anew, thereby ensuring added safety and

user friendliness.

  • Manual-type hand piece
Combination transducersFrequencyApplicable materials
Manual-type hand piece SF-3140   22kHz ThermoplasticsPrepregComposite materialsRubber 10t



CE-compliant, versatile manual-type ultrasonic cutter

This is a manual type ultrasonic cutter, which daringly pursued nice Features

user-friendliness. It is provided with a portable handle and storage

rack for use at various jobsites. It is best fitted for a wide range of

applications including carbon prepregs, resins, rubber, and fabrics. For

safety measures, the activation of ultrasonic vibration is reported with

illumination and sound. The product complies with the CE Standard.

  • Manual-type hand piece
Combination transducersFrequencyApplicable materials
Manual-type hand piece HP-2200   22kHz Carbon prepregThermoplasticsCloth FabricRubber 10t

Process Examples