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Rib groove polishing


To polish rive grooves, it is mainly used for removing the electrical discharge alteration layer after electrospark machining. Rotating tools are not proper since its groove width is too narrow for the tool to come in, or it bisects each other at right angles with the draft direction after forming. For the operating efficiency superior to manual operation as well as its accordance with the draft direction, it is popular among craftsworkers and is widely used at home and abroad.

Common uses of rib groove polishing

  • Overlay repairing
  • Mirror finishing
  • Precise deburring
  • Removing the electrical discharge alteration layer
  • From roughing to fine grinding of the mold

Examples of polish by ultrasonic Polishing

It is groove (slit) polishing.

Groove (slit) polishing.


Products for Rib groove polishing

Process Examples