Ultrasonic Hand-Tools Sonotec to Top
Maximizes the effect of high-speed, microscopic
ultrasonic vibrations in “cutting.”
Ultrasonic cutter

SH-3510(Oscillator) SF-8541RR(Transducer)

Powerful ultrasonic cutter with high frequency realizes a sharper cut and extends the robot’s operation area.
Standard Model for Use with Automated Machinery
This ultrasonic oscillator is capable of exchanging signals with the main units of automated machinery, industrial robots, plotters, etc., for operations, such as turning on/off, emergency stop and switching the output level.
  • Powerful ultrasonic cutter with a maximum power output of 300 W.
  • Mountable on automated machinery, industrial robots and plotters.
Frequency adjustment   Automatic tracking type
Maximum output   300W
Output adjustment   Step-less continuously-
variable type
Power requirement   Single phase
200 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption   500VA
Outer dimension (mm)   232W X 340D X 170H
External device
connection function
  Oscillation ON/OFF,
Adjustment of ultrasonic output,
Warning of error stop
Weight   6.5kg

An even more compact and powerful high frequency ultrasonic cutter than previous models results in a sharper cut. User-friendly design fully utilizes the robot’s operation area. A forced cooling system with air inlet enables extended continuous use.

SF-8541RR Detail drawings(PDF)
Frequency   40kHz
Vibration element   PZT piezoelectric
Housing material   SUS 303
Weight   650g
Blade thickness   0.6mm
Applicable materials
Various types of prepreg boron, Kevlar, polyethylene fibers, etc
Foamed material sponge and buffer material
Composite material polyethylene fiber
Rubber 15t vulcanized latex, non-vulcanized latex, sheeting materials, sealing materials and tubes) and leather (natural and artificial)
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