Ultrasonic Hand-Tools Sonotec to Top
Maximizes the effect of high-speed, microscopic
ultrasonic vibrations in “cutting.”
Ultrasonic cutter

SF-3400II(Oscillator) SF-7400(Transducer)

Assists high-power manual operations including stripping exterior building walls, and rust removal.
High-output cutter for manual operation: Assisting manual operations with clear cutting
This is a high-power ultrasonic cutter featuring the ultrasonic power output of 220 W. The tool’s ultrasonic vibrations at a frequency of 22 kHz (22,000 vibrations per second) drastically reduce the cutting resistance. Varieties of materials can be cut even more rapidly and cleanly with a lower processing pressure. A function to enable constant monitoring of loads during cutting was added anew, thereby ensuring added safety and user friendliness.
  • The output adjustment can be done in step-less and continuous manner from the minimum to the maximum levels.
  • The constant amplitude circuit always keeps vibrations at stable amplitude.
  • The overload protection circuit is featured.
  • Force air cooling is possible by installing the air inlet (SF-3140).
Frequency adjustment   Automatic tracking type
Maximum output   220W
Output adjustment   Step-less continuously-
variable type
Power requirement   Single phase 100 VAC,
50/60 Hz
Power consumption   500VA
Outer dimension (mm)   142W X 294D X 210H
( 260 (H) including the handle )
Weight   4.5kg

Manual-operation type transducer is compatible with large tools, such as chisel and knife shapes, to assist high-power manual operations, including stripping exterior building walls, and rust removal. Hand switch: Push-button type.

SF-7400 Detail drawings(PDF)
Manual-operation type Manual-operation type (hand switch)
Frequency   22kHz
Vibration element   PZT piezoelectric transducer
Tool attachment screw   M8
Housing material   Resin (Duracon)
Cord length   4m (max. extension:10 m)
Weight   340g (excluding the cord)
Hand switch:   Push-button type
Applicable materials
Thermoplastic resin sheet, film
Exterior walls stripping exterior building walls, rust removal
Recommendation of our test cut(free)
Attachment tool none   Option welding tool
welding tool