Ultrasonic Hand-Tools Sonotec to Top
Maximizes the effect of high-speed, microscopic
ultrasonic vibrations in “cutting.”
Ultrasonic cutter

SF-653(Oscillator) HP-653(Transducer)

Applicable to a wide range of materials with low processing pressure, a sharp cutting edge, and little dust.
Our unique power circuit and the use of cooling air have enabled the continuous long-hour use.
This is a high-frequency cutter featuring the 40 kHz (40,000 vibrations per second) vibration frequency of tool with the amplitude of 30 microns. It maximizes the effect of ultrasonic high-speed micro vibrations. A wide range of materials, including newly developed composite materials, rubber and leather, can be cut at will with low processing pressure, sharp cutting surface and little cutting chips. The power control circuit specially developed by us and the cooling air inlet suppress the heat generation of transducer even for large amplitude, thus enabling extended continuous use. (For a long-time operation without air cooling, contact us.)
  • Stable vibrations with a maximum amplitude of 30 microns ensure remarkable cutting performance.
  • Our unique technologies suppress the heat generation of transducers, thus enabling extended continuous use.
  • Adoption of the exclusive square-head screws and the screwdriver ensures easy and robust mounting of tools
Frequency adjustment   Automatic tracking type
Maximum output   100W
Output adjustment   Step-less continuously-
variable type
Power requirement   Single phase 200 VAC,
50/60 Hz
Power consumption   300VA
Outer dimension (mm)   230W X 232D X 144H
External device
connection function
  Oscillation ON/OFF,
Detection of high load, Warning of error stop, Recovery from error
Weight   4.6kg
A wide range of materials, including newly-developed composite materials, rubber, and leather, can be cut freely with low processing pressure.
Simplified and secure installation of the tool can be performed with a special square-headed screw and driver.
  HP-653 Detail Drawing(PDF)
Frequency   40kHz
Vibration element   PZT piezoelectric
Housing material   SUS 303
Cord length   Up to 10 m
Weight   300g(excluding cord)
Blade thickness   The thickness depends on
the specifications of the holder.
( 0.4 mm / 0.5 mm / 0.6 mm )
Applicable materials
Thermoplastic resin board, sheeting material, film, laminatedmaterial, and floor cover
Rubber 10t vulcanized latex, non-vulcanized latex, sheeting material, sealing material, and tube
Paper and processed paper specially treated paper and coated paper
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