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SONOFILE SF-0101 HP-7401/HP-9701


  • Powerful, hard filing, and gentle soft filing with a single unit.
  • 99 steps enable to make precise amplitude adjustments.
  • New feature Nano-mode enable to perform high precisefilling.
  • Users can use large tools with maximum high power 100 W.
  • LCD monitor displays the vibration state, setting, and error condition.
  • Various modes are selectable according to operations.
  • If the oscillator heats up during operation, output is reduced automatically and operation can be continuously performed.
  • Automatic power off function is provided to prevent leaving the equipment on.
  • Equipped with a memory mode that can save the output value that corresponds with an operation’s content

Specifications: SF-0101

Frequency 17–31 kHz Automatic feedback
Maximum output 100W
Amplitude adjustment 99 steps
Power supply Single phase
100 VAC or 200 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 300VA
Outer dimensions(mm) 226W×252D×180H
Weight 5.2Kg


Ultrasonic Filing : SF-0101 four features


The product comes standard with different types of handpiece

Two types of hand-pieces can be used by a single oscillator equipped with a variety of functions.

The product offers more versatile polishing and shorter work hours, and opens up a new level of ultrasonic polishing.

The product comes standard with different types of handpiece


From rough grinding to ultra-fine polishing -one set can do them all

Two types of polishing modes (Hard/Soft) are alternately available on a single set.


The Hard-mode keeps a constant vibration level against the thrust forces applied to the tool, thus leading to powerful polishing.


The Soft-mode automatically reduces vibration depending on the thrust force applied to the tool, thus preventing excessive grinding. This mode is suitable for delicate work.

From rough grinding to ultra-fine polishing -one set can do them all

Demonstration movie is being prepared for each mode.


user-friendly operation screen

Manual mode

Displays information such as the machine status, frequency, and output.

Menu screen

Allows the user to carry out operations such as saving the output values in the memory of polishing mode and auto-off function.


“Nano-mode” for ultra-fine work

Equipped with a new function “Nano mode,” which enables ultra-fine amplitude control, the SF-0101 has raised the level of ultrasonic polishing work to a more intricate finish that was only achieved by hand.

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Ultrasonic Handpiece: HP-7401


Optimum large handpiece for powerful operations.

The handpiece can remove thick metal layers by electrical discharge.

A wide and large size tool can be used stably.

Specifications: HP-7401

Tool screw diameter M8
Cord 1.7 m detachable curly cord
Outer dimensions φ40 × 150L (mm)
Weight 350g

Ultrasonic Handpiece: HP-9701


This small, light transducer fits in the user’s hand. It is optimized for delicate tasks and for long periods of operation.

Specifications: HP-9701

Tool screw diameter M6 (Comes with M4 adapter)
Cord 1.7 m detachable curly cord
Outer dimensions φ28 × 118.5L (mm)
Weight 150g

Standard Accessories Tools

  • Standard Accessories Tools: HP-7401

    ①Diamond Stone ( Width: 60 )

    ②Diamond Stone ( Width: 20 )

    ③Tool Clamp ( For flat type use )

    ④Ceramic Stone ( Flat type )

  • Standard Accessories Tools: HP-9701

    ①Tool Clamp (For flat or cylindricaltype use)

    ②Ceramic Stone (Flat type)

    ③Ceramic Stone (Round type)

    ④Diamond File (Long)

    ⑤Diamond File

    ⑥Diamond File (Tapered end)

    ⑦Diamond Stone

Standard Accessories

  • TAccessories Tools: HP-7401

            Accessories Tools:         HP-7401

  • Accessories Tools: HP-9701

          Accessories Tools:       HP-9701


  • Foot switch

    Foot switch

  • Diamond files

    Diamond files

  • Ceramic abrasive stones

    Ceramic abrasive stones

  • Clamps set

    Clamps set