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SONOFILE SF-1000(Discontinuation)

This product was discontinuation.Repair correspondence is possible.


  • Maximum output of 30 W
  • Output adjustment can be done step-less and continuously.
  • Simple to operate, with only a power switch and an output adjustment knob.
  • The operator can adjust the vibration at will, using powerful vibration to grind rough surfaces, and weaker vibration for delicate finishing.
  • Only a single wrench is required to affix or remove tools.

Specifications: SF-1000

Frequency 24 kHz Automatic feedback
Maximum output 30W
Amplitude adjustment Continuous variable control
Power supply Single phase
100 VAC or 200 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 100VA
Outer dimensions(mm) 142W×200D×130H
Weight 1.9Kg

Small-sized transducer:SF-1600

This small size hand-piece was designed for ease of use and excellent durability. A tool can be attached with only one wrench. Only SONOFILE dedicated M4 tools are applicable.

Specifications: SF-1600

Tool screw diameter M4
Cord 2.5 m curly cord
Outer dimensions φ27 × 128.5L (mm)
Weight 150g

Standard Accessories Tools

  • Standard Accessories Tools: SF-1600

    ①Tool Clamp(For flat or cylindrical type)

    ②Ceramic Stone(Flat type)

    ③Ceramic Stone(Cylindrical type)

    ④Diamond File(Longitudinal type)

    ⑤Diamond Stone(Longitudinal type)

    ⑥Diamond File

    ⑦Diamond Stone