Sonofile ロゴ is a professional standard
for metal mold polishing.
List of filing tools

SF-0101(Oscillator) + HP-7401(Hand-piece)+ HP-9701(Hand-piece)

From rough grinding to ultra-fine polishing—one set can do them all !
The product has enabled ultra-fine work in the Nano mode as well as powerful polishing through up to 100W output.
Oscillator : SF-0101
  • A single set offers both powerful hard polishing and delicate soft polishing.
  • Ultra-fine polishing through precise amplitude control at 99 levels.
  • With an output of up to 100W, the product can power large tools.
  • A built-in LCD monitor indicates the status of vibrations and the settings (in addition to error status).
  • Various polishing modes (Hard/Soft) can be selected depending on the work.
  • Even if the tool generates heat during work, the oscillator lowers power output to continue work.
  • The auto power-off function ensures the shutdown of the power.
  • Output information is saved in memory depending on the work.
  • A new function “Nano mode” further provides ultra-fine amplitude control.
Frequency adjustment   17- 31 kHz Auto-tracking type
Max. power output   100w
Power output adjustment   99 level regulation
Power supply   AC100V 50/60Hz
Electricity consumption   300VA
Outer dimension   226W×252D×180H(mm)
Weight   5.2Kg
Hand-piece: HP-7401

This large-sized hand-piece is ideal for powerful work. Thick altered layers can be formed at a large mold because of electrostatic discharge. The hand-piece quickly removes such layers. Even with a large-sized, wide tool being attached to it, you can carry out stable work.
Tool attachment screw   M8
Cord length   curled cord 1.7m
enabling easy detachment
Outer dimension   φ40×150L (mm)
Weight   350 g
Hand-piece: HP-9701
This light, compact hand-piece fits to the hand and is most suited to delicate work or long-hours of work.
Tool attachment screw   M6(with M6-M4 Adapter)
Cord length   curled cord 1.7m
enabling easy detachment
Outer dimension   φ28×118.5L (mm)
Weight   150 g
Attachment tool
Bundle tools for HP-7401

Diamond abrasive stone(W:60)
Diamond abrasive stone(W:20)
Clamping horn(Flat)
Ceramic abrasive stone(Flat)
Bundle tools for HP-9701

Clamping horns(for flat / column)
Ceramic abrasive stones(flat)
Ceramic abrasive stones (colmun)
Diamond files(long)
Diamond files
Diamond files(cone)
Diamond files(flat)
Attachment tool

Tool case (HP-7401)

Tool case (HP-9701)
Option フットスイッチ
Foot switch

Diamond files
Ceramic abrasive stones
A set of clamps