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Adopt manual cutter machines for backup of the existing facilities

It was affordable as a backup device. It was a manual cutter but easy to use and save time of position adjustment during the blade replacement. Moreover, regardless of the technical level, it was possible to provide stable work and the difference in the quality of each worker became small. Therefore, Sonotec cutter was adopted. 

Challenges faced before adopting the product

There was not a simple backup machine when it broke down.

  • There was only one equipment for mass production which led to the temporary halt while it was fixed or maintained.
  • It was difficult to purchase plural equipment due to its high cost.

There were differences of quality by each worker.

  • Since the attachment or position adjustment when changing blade was different by each worker, there arose differences in their quality.

Solutions using Sonotec ultrasonic cutter

We were able to continue production even when the mass production machine was broken down.

The differences of cutting quality by each worker were smaller. We were able to continue production when the mass production machine was broken down, and the small-lot products could have been processed in shorter while with the manual ultrasonic punching machine than with the mass production machine.So now it is used not only as a backup but also as a processing machine for regular products. Tip tool of Transducer (SF-3110) is detachable so there is no need to purchase transducer and tip tool as integrated tool. Consequently, it keeps the cost inexpensive because only producing of tip tool is enough.