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Realization of a new way of trimming processing of automotive interior materials


The quality of the cross-section was very good compared with the existing processed product. Sonotec have suggested the system of the new trimming machine with the equipment manufacturer.It was a new method that was not included in the existing product, but they responded flexibly to our requests. Sonotec ultrasonic cutter was adopted for the reasons above.

Challenges faced before adopting the product

It was a problem with the environment because of machine tools.

  • It was a problem with cutting crumbs because of end milling process.
  • It was a problem with the environment because coolant liquid had to be used at the time of cutting.

It was a problem to be solved with the quality of the cross-section.

  • It was possible to cut by the end milling process, however, the quality of the cross-section did not meet the evaluation criteria.

Solutions using Sonotec ultrasonic cutter

Switch from end mill cutting to an ultrasonic cutter.

The quality of the cross-section was improved.It was developed as a system that can be used generally for trimming of our products, therefore, it enabled to cope with various materials.The same system was able to be installed in the overseas factory since maintenance and the parts replacement were easy.