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SONOFILE SF-5600 SF-9700/SF-3500(Discontinuation)

This product was discontinuation.Repair correspondence is possible.


  • Maximum ultrasonic output of 45 W
  • Clamp tool mode prevents heating of ceramic stones, etc
  • Simple 15 steps output.
  • Output is displayed on an LED bar.
  • A reliable DC 30 V, 35,000 rpm brush motor is installed
      *The SF-3500 and SF-9700 cannot be used at the same time.

Specifications: SF-5600

Frequency 25 kHz Automatic feedback
Maximum output 45W
Amplitude adjustment 15 steps
Power supply Single phase
100 VAC or 200 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 200VA
Outer dimensions(mm) 162W×280D×210H
Weight 3.7Kg


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Ultrasonic handpiece:SF-9700

Covers a diverse range of tools, from small to medium sized. This small handpiece is easy to use, comfortable grip and well-balanced weight with curly cord.

Specifications: SF-9700

Tool screw diameter M6(Comes with M4 conversion adapter)
Cord 2.5 m curly cord
Outer dimensions φ28 × 128L (mm)
Weight 130g

Motor handpiece

The handpiece can be used at low and high speeds from 2,000 to 35,000 rpm with low noise and low vibration. Rotational speed can be adjusted at will with the foot controller.

Specifications: SF-9700

Input DC30V
Number of revolution MAX 35,000rpm
Collet chuck φ3.0 φ 2.35 (mm)
Cord 1.5m curly cable
Outer dimensions φ15 / φ 24.5×148.5L (mm)
Weight 190g

Standard Accessories Tools

  • Standard Accessories Tools: SF-9700

    ①Tool Clamp (For flat or cylindrical type)

    ②Ceramic Stone (Flat type)

    ③Ceramic Stone (Cylindrical type)

    ④Diamond File (Longitudinal type)

    ⑤Diamond Stone (Longitudinal type)

    ⑥Diamond File

    ⑦Diamond Stone


  • フットスイッチ

    Foot switch

  • Foot controller