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Ultrasonic Cutter / Polisher columns

Ultrasonic Cutter Mechanism(regarding transducer)

Piezoelectric element

  • Piezoelectric element is used to generate oscillation.
  • Piezoelectric element generates positive voltage when compressed and negative voltage when stretched.
  • It extents when plus voltage is applied and shrinks when a minus voltage is applied.

Bolted Langevin type transducer

  • A piezoelectric device is equipped in transducer to induce oscillation.
  • Since the piezoelectric element has a brittle nature in the extending direction, it is used in the condition that both ends of the piezoelectric element are sandwiched by metal round bars in advance, tightened with bolts, and applied with a compressive load.
  • Oscillation is generated by applying a voltage according to the resonating frequency.

Structure of transducer①


Piezoelectric device is used to generate and control oscillation.


*What is piezoelectric element?

  • When applying voltage the device is displaced (it creates force).
  • When displaced (force is applied) the device creates voltage.

Structure of transducer②




In order to increase the displacement of the blade,

  • Amplify the minute displacement induced by the piezoelectric element for driving voltage with the squeeze of clamp horn and corn. 
  • Resonance is used for the products. 

*Resonance is: Structure has its special frequency based on weight, length, and shape. Resonance is a phenomenon that the oscillation becomes large when applying external force aligned with its oscillation period.


*The plateau of the oscillation motion is called “anti-node” and the point of none-displacement is called “node.

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Ultrasonic Cutter / Polisher columns