Sonofile is a professional standard
for metal mold polishing.

SF-1000(Oscillator) + SF-1600(Transducer)

Low processing pressure enables processing with high accuracy and speed.
SF-1000 Oscillator
Maximum power output is 30 W. This model enables infinitive adjustment of power output between minimum and maximum. The automatic frequency-tracking circuit and amplitude control circuit ensure stable vibration amplitude at all times. Simple and easy operation can be realized with just the power supply switch and power output knob. Tools can be attached by one-handed tightening with an 8 mm wrench. Processing can be adjusted freely such that strong vibrations are used for cutting of rough surfaces and weak vibrations are used for detailed mirror finish.
Frequency adjustment   Auto-tracking type
Max. power output   30w
Power output adjustment   Infinitive adjustment
Power supply   Single phase AC100V
Outer dimension   142WX200DX130H(mm)
Weight   1.9Kg


SF1600 hand-piece
This small size hand-piece was designed for ease of use and excellent durability. A tool can be attached with only one wrench. Only SONOFILE dedicated M4 tools are applicable.
Frequency   24kHz
Vibration element   PZT piezoelectric transducer
Tool attachment screw   M4
Housing material   resin (polyoxymethylene)
Cord length   curled cord 2.0m
Weight   150g (excluding the cord)
Attachment tool ceramic abrasive ston & clamping hornceramic abrasive ston & clamping horn
ceramic abrasive stone X2
clamping hornX2
diamond abrasive stonesdiamond abrasive stones
diamond abrasive stones X2
diamond filesdiamond files
diamond files X2
Hexagon wrenchfor
Hexagon wrenchfor M3(2.5mm)
Single-ended wrench
Single-ended wrench (10mm)
・Power supply cord
・Tool holder (PVC pouch)
・Instruction manual (in Japanese)