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Sonocraft ST-60(Discontinuation)

This product was discontinuation.Repair correspondence is possible.

(Oscillator) &  SR-9500


Oscillator : ST-60


Transducer : SR-9500

SONOCRAFT is an ultrasonic hand tool for chiseling, stone mounting, and surface polishing of precious metals. The tool’s longitudinal ultrasonic vibration realizes the effect which is usually obtained with a hammer. Minimal and invisible vibration is conveyed to the hand.

Oscillator : ST-60

Oscillator :  ST-60


This small and lightweight but powerful model with a maximum power output of 40 W guarantees stable ultrasonic vibration with an amplitude control circuit. The vibration pattern can be selected from four modes: the one-shot vibration mode is for prong making, the intermitted vibration mode is for reinforcement, and the continuous vibration mode is for surface polishing.

ST-60 Specification

Frequency adjustment Auto-tracking type
Max. power output 40W
Power output adjustment Infinitive adjustment
Power supply Single phase
100 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Electricity consumption 120VA
Outer dimension 145W×180D×125H (mm)
Weight 1.9Kg

Small-sized transducer:SR-9500

Transducer : SR-9500

The hand-piece is easy to hold, and very little vibration is conveyed to the hand. The unique tool holder ensures smooth vibration, and excellent engraving can be attained. The hand-piece can be used continuously for a long period of time. A light step on the foot switch lets you turn off the hand-piece hands-free.

SR-9500 Specification

Frequency 25kHz
Vibration element PZT piezoelectric transducer
Tool attachment screw
Housing material resin (polyoxymethylene)
Cord length 0.6mm curled cord (extended to 1.5m)
Weight 130g (excluding cord)

Standard Accessories Tools

Standard Accessories Tools

① Tungsten Chisel (V type 60°)

② Tungsten Chisel (V type 90°)

③ Tungsten Chisel (Diagonal blade)

④ Tungsten Chisel (Cylindrical type)

⑤ Tungsten Chisel (Cone bulge)

⑥ Tool Holder

Accessories Tools

Accessories Tools

Standard Accessories

  • foot switch

    Foot switch