Ultrasonic Hand-Tools Sonotec to Top
Maximizes the effect of high-speed, microscopic
ultrasonic vibrations in “cutting.”
Ultrasonic cutter

SF-0102(Oscillator) HP-2200(Transducer)

Manual type transducer specialized for cutting the carbon prepregs.

versatile manual-type ultrasonic cutter
This is a manual type ultrasonic cutter, which daringly pursued nice Features user-friendliness. It is provided with a portable handle and storage rack for use at various jobsites. It is best fitted for a wide range of applications including carbon prepregs, resins, rubber, and fabrics. For safety measures, the activation of ultrasonic vibration is reported with illumination and sound. The product complies with the CE Standard.
  • An ultrasonic cutter featuring the size convenient for carrying around.
  • The transducer is provided with a hand switch and the activation of operation is notified with illumination and sound
  • The cutter can also be used a
Frequency adjustment   Automatic tracking type
Maximum output /
Output adjustment
  100 W / Step-less continuously-
variable type
Power requirement   Single phase 200 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption   300 VA
Outer dimensions   230 (W) x 232 (D) x 144 (H) (mm)
(194 (H) including the handle)
Weight   4.8 kg
( 5.7 kg including the storage rack)
External device
connection function
  Oscillation from transducer ON/OFF
While oscillation is activated,
the lamp on the transducer illuminates
and sound is generated from the oscillator.
* Manufacturing of the 200 V type is also possible

Transducer: HP-2200
(For use with manual equipment / Detachable cord)

The machining to increase the surface roughness such as knurling is applied to the grip. Tools of tungsten carbide blades can be used.
It adds the ultrasonic force on the cutting operation of the carbon prepreg which has been performed with a cutter knife until now , to reduce the burden on the operator.

HP-2200 Detail drawings(PDF)
Frequency   22 kHz
Cord length   3 m
Housing material   Resin (Duracon)
Weight   350 g
Blade thickness   0.4 mm
Applicable materials
Carbon prepregs carbon prepregs with thickness up to t10
Thermoplastic resin plate, sheet, film, and laminated material
Rubber 10t vulcanized latex, non-vulcanized latex, sheeting material, and tube
複合素材 carpet material , sound insulation material and vibration proofed material
Recommendation of our test cut(free)
Attachment tool FB-3234

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